Farmers. You Have The Power To Change The Landscape. Use it.

Set up by farmers, for farmers. We know that putting land over to trees is a huge commitment, which is why we want it to work for you.

You decide which portions of your land could host trees, and maybe even might benefit your current agricultural business in the process.

Planting trees can stabilise steep ground that isn't safe or efficient to cultivate, reducing top soil runoff, flooding, hedge, risk of property damage and associated liability.

Improve animal welfare by providing shade and shelter.

Increasing bird and insect biodiversity helps with pest control, crop pollination and related grant eligibility.

Planting hedges and banks can protect livestock or crops from wind and extreme weather.

You may even get a crop out of it, apples for cider, nuts for food or saplings or, in 40 years time, timber for agri-forestry or biofuel.

We ask for a commitment of keeping the trees on your land in good health and not cutting them down for at least 40 years, to allow them to grow to close to their mature size. Sequestering as much carbon as possible, while also allowing future generations to change land use if necessary. Although obviously, it is better if you keep trees in place permanently as wildlife will depend on the habitats you've created.

We will provide support and routine checks to ensure this is taking place.

If you wish to put your land forward to host trees, and earn money in the process, contact us on

We offer two options, small scale flexible planting schemes, or larger scale tree planting and soil management schemes with verified associated carbon credits.

In Your Land, There Is Oppurtunity

As farmers, we know the challenges you face, and the potential your farm has to do better and benefit you financially in the process. So we also offer a consultancy service, to identify carbon credit and grant options for your land, This can be in a multitude of ways, tree planting, soil carbon, manure management, energy generation, biofuels, or more. Contact us to start earning an income from your good farming practises.