Woodland Valley Farm

Woodland Valley in Laddock in Cornwall is a 170 acre mixed farm, managed using the principles of organic farming and certified with the Soil Association. Third generation farmers at Woodland Valley Farm, Chris and Janet Jones have always farmed with sustainability, biodiversity and carbon management as core principles of their approach to land management, and are truly pioneers of this in the UK.

Also, working in partnership with Cornwall Wildlife Trust, they are the first farm to reintroduce beavers in the south west. Everywhere you look; from the woodlands and hedges, to river, wetlands and meadows, it is the most incredible haven for wildlife.

The Jones' again have led the way with carbon sequestration in their land management, and sequester hundreds of tonnes of CO2e every year in their soils. They also have a agroforestry silvopasture planting schedule under way.

Silvopasture is a land management technique where trees are planted in lines, making wide alleys to allow the grazing of livestock in harmony with trees. It is an incredible way of maximising carbon sequestration on farmland while still growing or rearing food.

When you choose to support Woodland Valley Farm, you will be part of a tree planting project that is of the highest quality, incorporating diverse tree species while still being able to grow food or graze cattle and sheep.

200 oak trees

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