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About Us

There are many wonderful tree planting grants. And there are many thousands of acres of farmland that could host trees and support nature.


However many farmers do not qualify for these grants as they often don't have nice big areas of easily mappable fields to put aside for tree planting. They might have a small section here, a steep section there or perhaps an area that they want to put over to agroforestry.

So, rather than let nature take the back seat due to bureaucracy, Field to Forest started as a crowd funder. In a week we had almost £1000 of donations, and thus the trees got planted, new habitats began to be created and people got a new way to help nature, offset some of their unavoidable carbon emissions and connect with farmers.

Our Ethos

We believe in only planting trees that have the best chance of surviving and that contribute to biodiversity, so that means trees that are part of a traditional British woodland mix, some flowering and some nut and fruit bearing to provide food for wildlife. The mix includes Copper Beech, Sweet Buckthorn, Aspen, Field Maple, Hornbeam, Red Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Common Walnut, Juniper, Rowan, Wild Service and Silver Birch and Oak. The trees are sourced from quality British Tree Nurseries, or from saplings grown from seed by the farmer.

Your Money

Each tree costs £8, to buy, plant and manage in the years to come. 

We know this is one of the more expensive tree planting options, however this is due to higher costs in the UK, and also reflects that this is a small scale, considered, quality planting project with biodiversity rather than monoculture at its heart. 


It is very difficult to say exactly how much carbon each tree equates to by the time it reaches maturity. However, unlike many other tree planting schemes, the carbon associated with the tree or trees you've paid for is yours, we don't sell the carbon credits separately. 

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