Field to Forest Foundation

Connecting You to Your Countryside

Did you know that 71% of land in Britain is used for farming? Farmers are custodians of a huge proportion of our countryside as well as being guardians of our birds, bees, insects and animals. At the moment, wildlife is struggling, soils are depleted and we are in the grips of a climate emergency. You and farmers have the power to help change this.


Field to Forest Foundation has come about as a way to connect you to your countryside, and to farmers. Plant trees, protect and enhance soils and biodiversity and help make Britain greener and better for everyone, and everything.

Today is a great day to


“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson



Show your customers, team and investors that your business stands for something good.


You, Or Your Friends

Change your carbon and wildlife footprint, or change a friend's as a gift. 



Trees, the cooling green balm to a dirty, overheating world. 



A single tree can play host to hundreds of species

Lets Stay Connected

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